Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Refashioned sweater throw pillow

I love to sew but I seem to pick projects that are a little too advanced for my meager sewing skills. I am also the kind of gal that wants to do a project and be done. I have very little patience for all-day projects that take too much time and attention. Here is an EASY sewing project I did from things I had laying around. 

Old Sweater into New Throw Pillow

So, I had this really nice thick knit sweater that I had gotten as a gift but it never fit quite right. It sat around for a while until I decided to refashion it into a cozy pillow. 

Here's said sweater. I think the thick knit will work better for that cozy look....

Here is the pillow I want to re-cover. Although you could just create a new pillow with a bag of stuffing from the craft store or from old pillows.

Now turn the sweater inside out and dress your pillow and tell her she looks pretty. 

Then chop off the arms and neckline. And try not to feel guilty about chopping up a perfectly good sweater. 

Get an idea of what kind of shape you will need to sew. This was pretty easy here because the pillow was the same size as the body of the sweater. 

Now slip out the pillow and pin it like crazy to keep the shape you need to sew. (I pinned the front opening just to keep the shape intact although I didn't plan on sewing the front opening together. I was going to use that as the opening to get the pillow in and out.) 

 Hmmmmm doesn't look very square here. But sew it as straight as you can using a zig zag stitch. My setting was #3.

Then I sewed on the button the sweater came with by hand, in retrospect I would have maybe just hot glued that sucker on. 

TADA! (ignore the dirty couch. those kids and their darn Gogurts.)

 I noticed that the opening down the center was gaping a bit too much for my liking so I hot glued it shut. What do you think?! I love her. She's so pretty and cozy looking. And she was free! 

Thanks for visiting! Happy crafting!