Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Baby Doll Sleeping Bag

DIY Baby Doll Sleeping Bag

This DIY project is super EASY and FREE! It's something fun to do on a snowy day in with the kiddos.

Here is the pair of old pajama pants I wanted to use for something. Look at the cute moose.. mooses. the plural of moose is moose right? 

Find some babies that need sleeping bags. These are two of our favorites. Line em up on the legs to see how long you need the "bag" to be. And chop.

Cut this kind of shape. I'm aiming to have a sleeping bag part to tuck baby into and a pillow part at the top. Hem all edges if you are fancy. I didn't because I was planning on rolling the top part and sewing it closed. 

 Flip inside out and sew bottom closed. Turn right side out. Here is where I forgot to take pics of the stuffing so I will explain. Fold edges of top flap in as if you were hemming it. Toss some fluff or extra fabric scraps into pillow part to make it squishy and pillowy. Roll about 2 times and sew closed. 

Insert baby. Pat yourself on the back. 

That baby looks mad cozy.

The verdict: the girls friggin loved it! I think they are fascinated with anything that passes through the sewing machine. I ran out of time and only made one and they fought over it like crazy. So... success? So, if you have two little ones, then you better make two sleeping bags.