Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY booster seat

After seeing this DIY booster seat on Pintrest made out of a vinyl table cloth (genius!), i was determined to make one for my little 2 and half year old monster.  I'm so sick of the clunky old booster with attached tray, i mean, it was great for her when she was younger, but now it's just annoying to hook and unhook it from the chair all the time. 

So this was super easy to make!  I am, by no means, a fancy pants sew-er.... seamstress... whatever you call it.  It may not be perfect, but the little one loves it and it boosts her up to the perfect height for meals at the table.  Yay.

here's the cupcakey vinyl table cloth i found at kohl's for around 3 bucks:

and here's the finished product:

it looks super poofy but when little one sits on it, it's the perfect amount of.... poof. haha.  this will be so great in the summer, to toss outside and use on the patio chairs.