Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project Organization.

Sooo Lent crept up on me this year and instead of giving something up, I decided to try to do something positive everyday.  Like whipping our house into shape and getting rid of the crap simplifying.  After reading this blog post from Clover Lane, I was inspired!  So i wrote my list and got to it!  First up was organizing the front hall closet.  We have an itty bitty (ie crappy) one, so it fills up fast and looks eternally messy.  Luckily I had a 2 yr old helper.  (She was so very very helpful). 
*sadly, no before pic...... but here is the during pic...

*helper (rockin dad's snow hat)
                                                  and after, ta daaaaaaa!

*see, i wasn't lying.  it's teeny.

*new blue bins from christmas tree shop: 3.99 each. green one: dolla tree!  

*shoe rack from target clearance 13.99 (p.s. it's terrible to put together)

So, job #1 is accomplished and didn't take too long!  And we accumulated an entire bag full of things to donate.  I feel more zen already ;)