Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's so pinteresting...

My sissies and I are Pinterest addicts.  It's changed my life- I swear!  I cook, bake, craft, decorate and organize more than ever.  It's so darn inspiring!  So after seeing pictures of people's shelves, backed with pretty paper, I swore I would try it with our shelf.  I picked up a pack of pretty white and green damask contact paper from TJ Maxx (it was specifically called self adhesiveshelf paper) and got down to bidness.

Here is our cool shelf, i love the funky lines of it. i've never come accross a shelf like it before... sheesh maybe shelf-y and i should just get a room.  Anyway, here's a before pic, it desperately needs orgnization:
eeeeek, since it's near the front door, it seems to catch a LOT of junk.

And here it is after, ahhhhhhhh
oh.em.gee. i loveeee it. now you can really see the cool design of it!
Project #2 complete!
Operation Lenten cleanup is well underway. :)