Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what i am is... tired

it's wednesday and i feel like it should be friday!  i feel like my life is so jam-packed right now that i couldn't possibly squeeze in another thing- so i am making a vow to try and take full advantage of the little chunks of downtime that i get.  like, in the morning before i head off to my part-time job, sometimes i turn on sesame street for the lil one while i go start the coffee, check my email, unload dish washer .... when i should just grab my coffee and plop on the couch with the babygirl and enjoy the moment.  *note how the coffee-making is non-negotiable ;)
so i did that this morning and what was i rewarded with? besides some cuddles from my favorite lil lady was an appearance of (from the black eyed peas) on sesame street!  how adorable this video is!  love it, but beware- it will get stuck in your head!

speaking of getting songs stuck in your head..
the hubs always seems to have Dr. Stringz in his head from nick jr's, jack's big music show.  does anyone ever get their kid's songs stuck in their head for an unreasonable amount of time?   which ones are the worst offenders?  

so i heard this amazing song on pandora today and i need to share it:

Heather's Song by Misty River 
so beautiful and such amazing lyrics, especially for the mamas <3