Thursday, March 10, 2011

tick this one off the bucket list..

is there anything more fun than making something happen that you have been thinking about for ages?  i am so excited that i have finally started making bottlecap bows!  you'd think that i have just run a marathon or became the first madam president, i'm so excited!  the process is surprisingly do-able and i had some really lovely sellers help me out.  i asked around on facebook for any tips to starting this process and i got ZERO response haha- too much competition i suppose.  well, thank you to the shop owner from fizzy pops on etsy!  i purchased the epoxy dots (clear, dome-y things that cover the image) from there and the owner was so nice and gave me some tips to help get started.  

so here are some of the abby (from sesame street) designs:

single abby bottlecap clip 3-
abby loopy bow 5-
abby twinkle think bow 7-

i am in love.  if it were legal in NY to marry a hairbow and i weren't already married, i'd be calling the caterers.  so my next project is making some pink yankee ones.  any other sports teams that you are looking for?  just give me a shout!