Wednesday, March 2, 2011

meet the new easter babies!

Hi friends!  So did anyone watch that charlie sheen interview on 20/20 last night?!  holy shnikes!  that man is crazzzzzzyyyyyy beans!  the hubs and i were peeing our pants laughing.  some of the gems that rambled out of his mouth wow.  and the part were he held up a random key chain and looked through it at the poor reporter.. what the what!

So on to some other crazy things.  crazy CUTE, that is ;)
 i thought i'd share some of my fave new clippies for spring/easter-y season!  I am loving working with all the pastels, it's making me desperate. for. spring. don't get me wrong, i'm a lover of all seasons and i get annoyed when people whine about the cold weather (especially when you choose to live in NY!)  but i feel that you need to know the cold in order to appreciate the sunshine.  ok, enough chit chat.  here's the goods.

lil bunny girl clip 3.50

now behold the cuteness that is ms. chick:
and yes, she's rocking the feathery pig tails :) 3.50

and for you smaller clippie lovers:
this would make a great gift too! 
easter pastels clippie set 4-

i hope you all have a lovely night! 
song of the day was for sure:
Katy Perry, E.T. what a great workout tune!!