Sunday, March 6, 2011

hi there!

WOW!  welcome to all my new g.f.c. friends!! what an awesome surprise to see that number jump up so high!  thanks to my new friend at 'we read barefoot' for hosting a lil mini weekend giveaway!  i am always pleasantly surprised to meet such awesome people/business owners on facebook.    so for all my new friends, this is my blog that started out as my sole way to get my bow business out there and now that i have the facebook page and etsy shop well underway i use this blog to reach out to my fellow mamas/indie crafters/shopping addicts/music lovers/home decorators about everything under the sun.  i love to hear from you!  comment away!  don't be shy!  

and my posts are sporadic... when the baby's sleeping, i'm typing :)

i'll leave a pic of my current fave clippie set:
the counting birdies set so cute and current-love the color combo.  
for my very special blog friends, i will run a 5.00 special (includes shipping in the US) if you want a set... this is only to celebrate my new blog friends.  How VIP is that?!
comment with paypal email and i'll send you an invoice :)