Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bring it on swim suit season!

So the hubs and i have been on a serious workout/eat better kick lately.... since January actually!  Time flies when you have a one and a half year old!    And we have really yet to weigh in!  So last night we got on the scale and what do you know- i have lost 8 lbs and he's lost an astonishing 27 lbs!!! WOW!  

Ok let me just preface this with the fact that when we met 3ish years ago, we were both in pretty good shape and have slowly slipped into fatty, happy comas together.  After the birth of our lil peanut, we also put exercising on the back burner (and i mean the WAY back burner haha) and after some health issues and a general feeling of yuckiness we decided to join the Y and get moving.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Not only are we getting in better shape and feeling healthier, but our lil one is having a blast in the child watch center with all her new friends.  

As for dieting, we are two people that enjoy good food.  We don't deprive ourselves of anything really.  Just getting moving at the gym has seemed to trigger the healthier eating thing subconsciously.  We seem to snack less and binge WAY less.  And my favorite thing from this whole experience is the protein shake i have after my afternoon workout.  I use Garden Greens Protein shake- toss in some banana and peanut butter and omg it's delicious!  (and it seems to curb my appetite until dinner time!)  

Organic and your daily amount of greens! 
Now, i'm no fancy trainer or anything.  Just an excited blogger mommy that feels like I need to share this with my pals :)

before and after pics to come!