Thursday, February 24, 2011

p.s. thursday, i love you.

hi lovely friends!  couple of things on this beautiful thursday... i cannot stop listening to Nellie McKay's, p.s. i love you. so dreamy and romantic.  here's a weird link that plays the song for you.  so last night i dyed my hair with that nice and easy, new foam hair dye.... anyone else get that coupon on fbook for the free box of that dye? a friend of mine warned me that it smells pretty bad and it dyed her scalp.... but hey, it was free and my hair was crying out to be dyed.  (i'm having a love affair with florence welch from florence and the machine currently so i have been going red)  so i did it and whattya know- it stunk like old chinese food and it dyed my scalp and neck pretty badly.  but the color is ok.  haha.  so there is my stellar review of nice and easy's new foam hair color.  

i made some seriously cute new medium sized bowsters last night in a funky new ribbon...
and i'm not gonna lie, i kinda want to marry them.  don't tell the hubs.  i felt compelled to buy this ribbon even though orange isn't really a huge favorite for little girls... i'm going to put them in babygirl's pigtails today :)  

and the last and most important tidbit for today.... i saw these boots on sale on amazon and i think i need to rescue them from that cold, sad amazon warehouse and let them live in my closet...
totes adorbs.  and i don't drop that phrase lightly.  so cute with leggings, skinny jeans, or with tights and a cute dress.  ugh, i. must. have.  and they are really reasonable.  i really love steve madden shoes-they are really on point with the current styles and they are AFFORDABLE.  

have a great day!  i know i will after i break the news to the hubs that i'm buying yet another thing on amazon <3