Monday, February 28, 2011

in that oscars haze...

anyone stay up last night and watch the oscars?  the hubs actually likes watching it so we put the little one to bed, made a healthy dinner got coldstone creamery and parked in front of the tv.  i must say i enjoyed E's pre-show, red carpet- giuliana, kelly osborne & ryan seacrest's shenanigans.  (i love giuliana after watching her show guiliana & bill and vow to always watch her pre-show because i feel like we're friends, that's normal right?)  so i think my favorite was mila kunis.  ugh!  spot on dress color and that lace around the neckline.  yummy. 
also loved gwenyth paltrow, jennifer hudson (although she could wear an old ratty towel right now and look like a million bucks), and hailee steinfeld.  i have to say, i kind of got scared when i saw mark ruffalo's wife..... eesh-and it made me kinda sad.  anyone catch that number?   

off to the gym, thank you oscar ladies, for motivating me to work it out this week.  come on pre-baby body, come back to me!!