Saturday, February 26, 2011

ahhhh, it's saturday

it's SATurrrrrrrrrrrDAYYYYYY!!! (yelled in my oprah voice) what to do what to do... babygirl seems to be in a lovely mood, maybe we can hit up the shops!  she's twirling in circles in the kitchen as i type :) 

i have found so many cool shops on etsy and facebook that i don't know how much i really want to spend at the big stores.  anyone esle find that old navy's baby clothes seem to fall apart?  i have good luck with carter's and target clothes... any other quality brands/stores that i don't know about?  i think my favorite saturday shopping site has gotta be tj maxx.... just typing it makes me smile.  the hubs even likes going there and that's a big deal (b/c then i can take my time and try on all the shoes while he strolls the babygirl around ;)) here are the sweet steve madden heels i got last weekend...


i think they are the perfect mama heels for the bajillion weddings we have this summer.  low enough heel, the criss-cross detail helps keep them from slipping off and did you see the lining, EEP!!  love!

hope you all have a beautiful day :)  oh and btw, song of the day....
Ray Lamontagne, You are the Best Thing.  perfect saturday song :)