Monday, June 20, 2011

scones and shoes. what a natural pairing.

hey there, long time no talk!  so i have been so happy basking in the summer sun and filling my days with as much gardening, playing with the little monster girl and farmer's market-ing as I can!  But here I have a few things I wanted to share on here...

1st off: i have a fever and the only perscription  is more scones.  Specifically these scones.

I made these cranberry scones yesterday with this simple recipe from and they came out all rustic looking and yummy!  Maybe a little too yummy because the hubs ate them all while he was sleep-eating.  Don't get me started on his ambient night grazing.  There is something really satisfying about making scones... maybe it's the fact that they aren't your everyday chocolate chip cookie (no offense cookies, i will always have a place for you in my heart).  With fewer steps than making cookie dough, you have a serious looking baked good on your hands.  I just added craisins instead of raisins and blam, rad scones.  I plan on using strawberries next time to use up the slightly squishy looking berries that we can't seem to get to fast enough. 

Secondly, I have been a bit of a shopping fanatic lately... sometimes I get really into a cycle of doing way too much "looking" on Amazon, Etsy, and the like.  And it gets me into trouble esecially when i find gems like these guys... 

I just want to wrap them in a soft blanket, pet them and bring them home to live in my closet forever.  Could these Steve Madden wedges be any more perfect?  They seem so Michael Kors!  But in the way more budget friendly brand I adore, Steve Madden.  They feel very Jennifer Aniston to me, the queen of effortless, simple chic.  They are the perfect mix of strappy/sassy and simple/elegant.  Anyone else getting a little tired of these overly studded/grommeted/bedazzled sandles right now?  These lovelies seem so clean and refreshing and fun.  I have always been a huge fan of the wedge.  I find that they are easier to walk in and seem better on your feet by distributing your weight more evenly. I'm probably making that up... Either way, there is no denying that these are totes adorable and perfect for summer weddings.  The hubs is getting tired of my "it's really an investment opportunity" angle.  I need to get brainstorming on a new one ;) 

Friday, June 3, 2011

and the winner is......

After carefully counting out (and double checking) all of the entries and using

The winner of the Baby Bond nursing wrap is....... #6 Erika Gottlieb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Erika!!! I will be sending the lovely folks at Baby Bond your name and email address so they can contact you and work out the details!

Thank you to all who entered!!
And remember to use the 25% off discount code to get a Baby Bond nursing wrap for you or any new mama! Discount Code:  CLB

Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Bond Review & Giveaway

I have been seeing the Baby Bond nursing cover
  everywhere lately and thinking what is the big deal?
  i have a nursing cover or 2 and my lil one
  never liked them.... well what i discovered
  is that baby bond's nursing wrap is

There are 3 types of Baby Bond wraps to choose from, in multiple color choices, that mama wears like a sash that clings to the body with a little gap in just the right place for baby to latch onto.  This way mom is covered up and comfortable and baby is able to move around, see everything and most importantly gaze into mama's eyes adoringly.  I specifically remember those days when  I was nursing while at a family party and was forced to sit upstairs alone and nurse in order to make everyone feel comfortable.  Well not anymore.  This wrap makes nursing discreet and easy.  

The lovely folks at Baby Bond sent me a Flex style nursing wrap in charcoal to try out and review for you lovely readers and offered to give one away to one lucky winner!

Here is a picture of the package!  Includes nursing wrap, super soft burp rag and convenient carrying case/bag. 

Here is a pic of the Flex style nursing wrap on me feaux-feeding lil dolly here.  (Since I am not due for quite a while now with #2)  See how easy? and comfy!  I chose the flex because it seemed to be the simplest design and I liked the charcoal color to hide stains and go with anything I happen to be wearing that day.  Love it.  I have heard from a some blog-mommy friends that the couture wrap is awesome as well.   There is also a soft burp rag included that can be slipped through the loop up top or just used seperately.  What a great idea!  

Baby Bond also offered my lovely readers a special discount code to use on their website to recieve 25% off any purchase!  The 25% off code is CLB and can be entered at checkout!  Trust me this is a must have for any nursing mom or would be a great gift for any new mama!

*winner will be randomly chosen Friday June 3rd! (and notified via email)
Opened to US residents only.

Friday, April 15, 2011

what i wore wednesday..

So i was reading a fellow WAHM's blog and came accross her what i wore wednesday?' challenge.  She took a pic of herself everyday for a week to post them and see what her everyday style is.  Love it.  I find it fascinating to see what other moms are wearing around the house/running errands/doing it all.  So, today I snapped a pic (don't you hate those creepy bathroom mirror pics hahaha) and this is what I was in:   WED.
dark gray and light gray tank tops-old navy
blue pullover sweater (that i cut into a cardigan!)-old navy
necklace-lia sophia, feaux diamond stud earrings-kohls
dark wash, bootcut jeans-TJ Maxx
belt (bought it in high school!)-American Eagle
funky purple argyle ankle socks-Target
black winter crocs (i know i know)

see my face.  i'm a model lol.
Not an exciting day, clothes-wise.  busy morning,
gray and white striped shirt-Old Navy
same jeans, eek!
red heart necklace- H&M
my fave diamond stud earrings again.
hmmmm... snorefest.  I guess putting my hair in what my sister lovingly calls the "snooky poof" (i call it "the i'm growing my bangs out, kate, leave me alone") didn't sass it up like i thought it would.

ok, to be honest, i forgot/got sidetracked and missed a few days.  So here is me a few days later..
white longsleeve: old navy
gray short sleeved sweater: marshalls (love this esp. on fatty days)
skinny jeans: charlotte russe
necklace: hand made pendant from The Purple Box Jewelry
and the hair is up again, braided in front (yay for growing out the bangs)

ok after this, i completely forgot to take pics.  but i totally get the point that although i have a bajillion things in my closet, i wear the same couple outfits all the time.  i guess it's my mom uniform-and it is mostly gray, white, and navy with colorful add-ons here and there.  It would really be nice to get a few new pieces in some different colors to mix it up a bit.  or at least clean out my closet and get rid of the stuff gathering dust!  Another realization, i need to wear my hair down more.  it always seems to make it's way into a messy bun :)

Take the challenge. muahahahahhaahha

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let my love open the door.

So the hubs and i just had our 2nd anniversary this past Monday and it was an awesome day for us.  We decided that since we never really had a honeymoon or special vacation together (aside from a wkend away, or as my pals would say mini-break, here and there) that we would book a B&B in the finger lakes on the Sunday night before our anniversary.  It was called The Acorn Inn- it was the first and only place I liked when we were looking at B&Bs.  Hi, I'm Meg and I have a slight o.c.d about clean/nice hotels and inns.  We stayed in the Barn Suite which is the detached structure behind the Inn.  It was fab.u.lous.

Front of the Inn (better pic on website)     The Barn Suite, behind main house. 

The lady who owns and operates it was super nice and friendly and obviously has great taste.  Thanks Sheryl!  And sweet mama, breakfast was to die for- creme brulee, brioche french toast sprinkled with powdered sugar and strawberries.  I wish we had gotten a picture of it... it was a thing of beauty!  We had such a relaxing time- but as most parents know, we were itching to get back to our peanut!!  

While we were there we realized how much we are zooming through life and not really taking the time to appreciate all we have.  Some days we are so engrossed in the routine.. work, lunch, gym, home, errands, dinner, tub, bed... it's like we are going through the motions sometimes.  The time away made us realize that we need to be present in every moment and switch things up to keep us all feeling refreshed and aware of all we have to be so grateful for. And once you make a realization like that, the universe brings it home with all sorts of hints.  On the radio this morning I heard a psychic/author talking about the importance of appreciating.  If we aren't appreciating the wonderful things in our lives... they may not be yours for very long.

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." 

-- Buddha   

Song of then day: Let my love open the door, Pete Townshend
dedicated to my awesome hubby, our song and our first dance together as a married couple.

Monday, March 21, 2011

i'm a regular paula freakin dean

It's taco night!! and i forgot the taco seasoning at the store today..(WAH WAH) so i used this recipe from and it came out super yummy and i had most of the ingredients on hand!  Here is the recipe:


  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper

couple of things, i did not have oregano, so i added a pinch of parsley instead.  i didn't add any salt (although i'd like to say it's because i'm so healthy, it's not, i just forgot. ha) and i didn't have paprika either.  Even with some missing ingredients, it came out really good!  And doesn't it just seem healthier/yummier when you make something from scratch?

needless to say, i was a happy lady on this delicious taco night!  Anyone else have a good taco seasoning recipe they want to share?

Song of the day:  Mumford & Sons, The Cave
and the video is so good! yea, i actually caught this video on tv the other day, someone must have sat on the remote and accidentally turned nick jr. off!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bring it on swim suit season!

So the hubs and i have been on a serious workout/eat better kick lately.... since January actually!  Time flies when you have a one and a half year old!    And we have really yet to weigh in!  So last night we got on the scale and what do you know- i have lost 8 lbs and he's lost an astonishing 27 lbs!!! WOW!  

Ok let me just preface this with the fact that when we met 3ish years ago, we were both in pretty good shape and have slowly slipped into fatty, happy comas together.  After the birth of our lil peanut, we also put exercising on the back burner (and i mean the WAY back burner haha) and after some health issues and a general feeling of yuckiness we decided to join the Y and get moving.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Not only are we getting in better shape and feeling healthier, but our lil one is having a blast in the child watch center with all her new friends.  

As for dieting, we are two people that enjoy good food.  We don't deprive ourselves of anything really.  Just getting moving at the gym has seemed to trigger the healthier eating thing subconsciously.  We seem to snack less and binge WAY less.  And my favorite thing from this whole experience is the protein shake i have after my afternoon workout.  I use Garden Greens Protein shake- toss in some banana and peanut butter and omg it's delicious!  (and it seems to curb my appetite until dinner time!)  

Organic and your daily amount of greens! 
Now, i'm no fancy trainer or anything.  Just an excited blogger mommy that feels like I need to share this with my pals :)

before and after pics to come!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

tick this one off the bucket list..

is there anything more fun than making something happen that you have been thinking about for ages?  i am so excited that i have finally started making bottlecap bows!  you'd think that i have just run a marathon or became the first madam president, i'm so excited!  the process is surprisingly do-able and i had some really lovely sellers help me out.  i asked around on facebook for any tips to starting this process and i got ZERO response haha- too much competition i suppose.  well, thank you to the shop owner from fizzy pops on etsy!  i purchased the epoxy dots (clear, dome-y things that cover the image) from there and the owner was so nice and gave me some tips to help get started.  

so here are some of the abby (from sesame street) designs:

single abby bottlecap clip 3-
abby loopy bow 5-
abby twinkle think bow 7-

i am in love.  if it were legal in NY to marry a hairbow and i weren't already married, i'd be calling the caterers.  so my next project is making some pink yankee ones.  any other sports teams that you are looking for?  just give me a shout!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what i am is... tired

it's wednesday and i feel like it should be friday!  i feel like my life is so jam-packed right now that i couldn't possibly squeeze in another thing- so i am making a vow to try and take full advantage of the little chunks of downtime that i get.  like, in the morning before i head off to my part-time job, sometimes i turn on sesame street for the lil one while i go start the coffee, check my email, unload dish washer .... when i should just grab my coffee and plop on the couch with the babygirl and enjoy the moment.  *note how the coffee-making is non-negotiable ;)
so i did that this morning and what was i rewarded with? besides some cuddles from my favorite lil lady was an appearance of (from the black eyed peas) on sesame street!  how adorable this video is!  love it, but beware- it will get stuck in your head!

speaking of getting songs stuck in your head..
the hubs always seems to have Dr. Stringz in his head from nick jr's, jack's big music show.  does anyone ever get their kid's songs stuck in their head for an unreasonable amount of time?   which ones are the worst offenders?  

so i heard this amazing song on pandora today and i need to share it:

Heather's Song by Misty River 
so beautiful and such amazing lyrics, especially for the mamas <3

Monday, March 7, 2011

crabby candle co. giveaway!

I first saw Crabby Candle Co. on facebook and I thought what a great logo! and i just love the name.  Amid a sea of corporate owned candle/tart pages here is a refreshingly fun and independent company.    So when I saw that they were having a flash sale, i jumped on it.  I ordered 2 tart packs and after much back and forth in my mind about which scents to pick, i chose brown sugar and fig (from the baked category) and wild flowers (from the floral category).  when they got here i noticed they had thrown in 2 mini samples one of which was hawaiian breeze and oh man-i cannot wait to try that one-smells SO pretty!  Their website is super clean and user-friendly.  

here is a pic of my tart packs and 2 very generous sample tarts.  love em!

Rebecca from Crabby Candle Co. generously offered to donate 2 tarts (scent choices can be found here: ) AND a tart sample pack in the winners choice of scent-type (Baked, Floral, Fruity, Clean, or Mixed) to the winner of this giveaway!

how awesome is that?  very awesome.  

And all you have to do is:
  • Head over to crabby candle's facebook page and click like!  (tell them c.l.b. sent ya!) 
  • comment under this post to enter.  Let me know what your fave crabby candle co. scent is or what scent you're dying to try!
  • for extra entries, keep posted on our facebook page!
winner will be picked Friday! 3/11  Good Luck!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

hi there!

WOW!  welcome to all my new g.f.c. friends!! what an awesome surprise to see that number jump up so high!  thanks to my new friend at 'we read barefoot' for hosting a lil mini weekend giveaway!  i am always pleasantly surprised to meet such awesome people/business owners on facebook.    so for all my new friends, this is my blog that started out as my sole way to get my bow business out there and now that i have the facebook page and etsy shop well underway i use this blog to reach out to my fellow mamas/indie crafters/shopping addicts/music lovers/home decorators about everything under the sun.  i love to hear from you!  comment away!  don't be shy!  

and my posts are sporadic... when the baby's sleeping, i'm typing :)

i'll leave a pic of my current fave clippie set:
the counting birdies set so cute and current-love the color combo.  
for my very special blog friends, i will run a 5.00 special (includes shipping in the US) if you want a set... this is only to celebrate my new blog friends.  How VIP is that?!
comment with paypal email and i'll send you an invoice :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

georgia on my wall.

i am just getting WAY too excited for spring.  we had an unfortunate doggy illness the other night (someone please tell me how our little terrier got the flu!?) skipping the yucky details we had to do a midnight cleanup and open the windows to waft out the funk.  something about hearing the wind through the trees and all those relaxing sounds that you start to miss over the winter- and i slept like a baby.  there is nothing that compares to that weather where the heat is off and the windows are open and it's just comfortable.  counting. down. the. days. 

so needless to say, i have been getting the "i've been cooped up in my house all winter and i've got to change things up" bug.  you know, that one.  i've had this poster i got from our local art museum on our family room wall for-EVER and although i love you, georgia o'keefe, i no longer want you hanging over our couch.  so i popped over to pier one imports and got this piece i have been eying for a hot minute.  i know some people think that wrought-iron inspired pieces are boring but i love them.  i like that they don't break up the wall too much like a big painting/canvas/poster does.  and this particular one is kinda free-flowing and delicate.  we have really pretty windows with little shutters in the top corners of that wall that get a lot more attention now.  so, in short.  i love it.  and drum roll please...... it was 20 flipping bucks. here it is:  

now, i know that probably looks a little bare to some but i love me a bright & simple house.
 here is the offending culprit.  we'll have to retire her to the office.  
i'll have to dig up a before pic.  things were so dark and bulky.  my new goal is to brighten things up and pick things that i LOVE so my house will be happy and as oprah says, "will rise up to meet me".  

song of the day, something quirky and fun:
anyone else but you by the moldy peaches :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

meet the new easter babies!

Hi friends!  So did anyone watch that charlie sheen interview on 20/20 last night?!  holy shnikes!  that man is crazzzzzzyyyyyy beans!  the hubs and i were peeing our pants laughing.  some of the gems that rambled out of his mouth wow.  and the part were he held up a random key chain and looked through it at the poor reporter.. what the what!

So on to some other crazy things.  crazy CUTE, that is ;)
 i thought i'd share some of my fave new clippies for spring/easter-y season!  I am loving working with all the pastels, it's making me desperate. for. spring. don't get me wrong, i'm a lover of all seasons and i get annoyed when people whine about the cold weather (especially when you choose to live in NY!)  but i feel that you need to know the cold in order to appreciate the sunshine.  ok, enough chit chat.  here's the goods.

lil bunny girl clip 3.50

now behold the cuteness that is ms. chick:
and yes, she's rocking the feathery pig tails :) 3.50

and for you smaller clippie lovers:
this would make a great gift too! 
easter pastels clippie set 4-

i hope you all have a lovely night! 
song of the day was for sure:
Katy Perry, E.T. what a great workout tune!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

in that oscars haze...

anyone stay up last night and watch the oscars?  the hubs actually likes watching it so we put the little one to bed, made a healthy dinner got coldstone creamery and parked in front of the tv.  i must say i enjoyed E's pre-show, red carpet- giuliana, kelly osborne & ryan seacrest's shenanigans.  (i love giuliana after watching her show guiliana & bill and vow to always watch her pre-show because i feel like we're friends, that's normal right?)  so i think my favorite was mila kunis.  ugh!  spot on dress color and that lace around the neckline.  yummy. 
also loved gwenyth paltrow, jennifer hudson (although she could wear an old ratty towel right now and look like a million bucks), and hailee steinfeld.  i have to say, i kind of got scared when i saw mark ruffalo's wife..... eesh-and it made me kinda sad.  anyone catch that number?   

off to the gym, thank you oscar ladies, for motivating me to work it out this week.  come on pre-baby body, come back to me!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ahhhh, it's saturday

it's SATurrrrrrrrrrrDAYYYYYY!!! (yelled in my oprah voice) what to do what to do... babygirl seems to be in a lovely mood, maybe we can hit up the shops!  she's twirling in circles in the kitchen as i type :) 

i have found so many cool shops on etsy and facebook that i don't know how much i really want to spend at the big stores.  anyone esle find that old navy's baby clothes seem to fall apart?  i have good luck with carter's and target clothes... any other quality brands/stores that i don't know about?  i think my favorite saturday shopping site has gotta be tj maxx.... just typing it makes me smile.  the hubs even likes going there and that's a big deal (b/c then i can take my time and try on all the shoes while he strolls the babygirl around ;)) here are the sweet steve madden heels i got last weekend...


i think they are the perfect mama heels for the bajillion weddings we have this summer.  low enough heel, the criss-cross detail helps keep them from slipping off and did you see the lining, EEP!!  love!

hope you all have a beautiful day :)  oh and btw, song of the day....
Ray Lamontagne, You are the Best Thing.  perfect saturday song :) 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

p.s. thursday, i love you.

hi lovely friends!  couple of things on this beautiful thursday... i cannot stop listening to Nellie McKay's, p.s. i love you. so dreamy and romantic.  here's a weird link that plays the song for you.  so last night i dyed my hair with that nice and easy, new foam hair dye.... anyone else get that coupon on fbook for the free box of that dye? a friend of mine warned me that it smells pretty bad and it dyed her scalp.... but hey, it was free and my hair was crying out to be dyed.  (i'm having a love affair with florence welch from florence and the machine currently so i have been going red)  so i did it and whattya know- it stunk like old chinese food and it dyed my scalp and neck pretty badly.  but the color is ok.  haha.  so there is my stellar review of nice and easy's new foam hair color.  

i made some seriously cute new medium sized bowsters last night in a funky new ribbon...
and i'm not gonna lie, i kinda want to marry them.  don't tell the hubs.  i felt compelled to buy this ribbon even though orange isn't really a huge favorite for little girls... i'm going to put them in babygirl's pigtails today :)  

and the last and most important tidbit for today.... i saw these boots on sale on amazon and i think i need to rescue them from that cold, sad amazon warehouse and let them live in my closet...
totes adorbs.  and i don't drop that phrase lightly.  so cute with leggings, skinny jeans, or with tights and a cute dress.  ugh, i. must. have.  and they are really reasonable.  i really love steve madden shoes-they are really on point with the current styles and they are AFFORDABLE.  

have a great day!  i know i will after i break the news to the hubs that i'm buying yet another thing on amazon <3

Friday, February 18, 2011

hi again!

ok, i know i have been mia lately to say the least and i noticed that i have some new followers!  you may notice that the prices and pics are a little wonky.  i have been focusing on launching the etsy shop and the facebook page.  so that plus chasing after my 1 and 1/2 yr old have kept me busy busy!  but i am back and going to keep up on things again.  bear with me as i fix all the pricing and pics :) 

i heard a funny joke yesterday wanna hear it?
ok, how many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?
it's a pretty obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it....

BAHAHAHA i'm hilarious.  off to fill some orders!! ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


just got the order of headbands in YAY!! started covering one in pink ribbon with white trim... kinda love how it turned out!  and two little loops on either side of the top to clip any bow onto.  It was a hit with my niece-ypoo, avery!  i think her exact words were (face lights up) OOOoooOOOOoooh!!  prettyyyyyyyy! 

snowy window picture
clippie not included-any clip will slip in headband!

side view

some new bow ideas!

*what an absolutely beautiful, dreamy snowy day!! i know i sound like a kid, but i <3 the snow!!  bring it on!  there is something so exciting about an insane snowfall.  wish i could go skiing but geez, that would be far too much exercise.* 

here are some new-ish bow designs, hope you like em!!  Now, off i go to drop off a new bow order for sips coffee shop!! and grab a chai and cookie :)  

pretty butterfly

v-day hearts with red heart gem

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy wednesday!

Just wanted to remind everyone out of town to check out the shop on etsy! 

and if you are around the area head over to Sips Coffee Shop on Pattonwood down by the lake and check out our bows and have a yummy, steamy latte and panini.... mmmmmmmm now i'm hungry.

on that note, baby's in bed, i'm taking a nap.  it was a long and relatively sleepless night with the sick little missy. 

now to leave you with one of my fave kid-friendly videos :)

(video from

Monday, January 3, 2011

little angel flower clippies

little angel flower clippies
would look super cute on a little flower girl