Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Latest Obsession

I have been bitten by the crochet bug and I. am. loving. it. So here are some of the new items in my etsy shop that I have been working on..

Booties and hair bows... eep! I cannot wait to send some booties to my bestie who is having her 1st baby in a few weeks :) These are perfect gifts!

 They are available in my etsy shop, Lake Will.

And coffee cozies! to keep my 1/2 hot chocolate 1/2 coffee warm til the last drop.

and these little babies that the girls wear all the time ya know for "valemtimes day" ;)

and lots more to follow.... I have to go tend to my nutso kids that are jumping off the furniture. Have a beautiful day!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Baby Doll Sleeping Bag

DIY Baby Doll Sleeping Bag

This DIY project is super EASY and FREE! It's something fun to do on a snowy day in with the kiddos.

Here is the pair of old pajama pants I wanted to use for something. Look at the cute moose.. mooses. the plural of moose is moose right? 

Find some babies that need sleeping bags. These are two of our favorites. Line em up on the legs to see how long you need the "bag" to be. And chop.

Cut this kind of shape. I'm aiming to have a sleeping bag part to tuck baby into and a pillow part at the top. Hem all edges if you are fancy. I didn't because I was planning on rolling the top part and sewing it closed. 

 Flip inside out and sew bottom closed. Turn right side out. Here is where I forgot to take pics of the stuffing so I will explain. Fold edges of top flap in as if you were hemming it. Toss some fluff or extra fabric scraps into pillow part to make it squishy and pillowy. Roll about 2 times and sew closed. 

Insert baby. Pat yourself on the back. 

That baby looks mad cozy.

The verdict: the girls friggin loved it! I think they are fascinated with anything that passes through the sewing machine. I ran out of time and only made one and they fought over it like crazy. So... success? So, if you have two little ones, then you better make two sleeping bags. 

DIY Refashioned sweater throw pillow

I love to sew but I seem to pick projects that are a little too advanced for my meager sewing skills. I am also the kind of gal that wants to do a project and be done. I have very little patience for all-day projects that take too much time and attention. Here is an EASY sewing project I did from things I had laying around. 

Old Sweater into New Throw Pillow

So, I had this really nice thick knit sweater that I had gotten as a gift but it never fit quite right. It sat around for a while until I decided to refashion it into a cozy pillow. 

Here's said sweater. I think the thick knit will work better for that cozy look....

Here is the pillow I want to re-cover. Although you could just create a new pillow with a bag of stuffing from the craft store or from old pillows.

Now turn the sweater inside out and dress your pillow and tell her she looks pretty. 

Then chop off the arms and neckline. And try not to feel guilty about chopping up a perfectly good sweater. 

Get an idea of what kind of shape you will need to sew. This was pretty easy here because the pillow was the same size as the body of the sweater. 

Now slip out the pillow and pin it like crazy to keep the shape you need to sew. (I pinned the front opening just to keep the shape intact although I didn't plan on sewing the front opening together. I was going to use that as the opening to get the pillow in and out.) 

 Hmmmmm doesn't look very square here. But sew it as straight as you can using a zig zag stitch. My setting was #3.

Then I sewed on the button the sweater came with by hand, in retrospect I would have maybe just hot glued that sucker on. 

TADA! (ignore the dirty couch. those kids and their darn Gogurts.)

 I noticed that the opening down the center was gaping a bit too much for my liking so I hot glued it shut. What do you think?! I love her. She's so pretty and cozy looking. And she was free! 

Thanks for visiting! Happy crafting!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Husband, Here is my Christmas Wish List.

Here is a list of things I wish my husband would get me. 
I love him. He is great at many many things. Buying Christmas gifts for his wife is not one of them. I am a cool mom-on-the-go or at least that's what the minivan commercials tell me. Here is what I would like:

           (pic from
(pic from
       (pic from Aerie)

1. A new gym bag. Wanna know what I use now for my 3 times a week workouts? No, well I'll tell you anyway. An old, gold... yep, golden yellow LLbean duffle that I "inherited" when my sister moved away to college in oh 1998. I would suck it up and use it without whining but the damn thing slips off my shoulder when I am sherpa-ing my children to the proper classrooms in the morning. Think sporting goods store or department store.
2. Cute PJs. In the immortal words of Miranda Hobbes.... "The jig is up, I have a child." I don't want lingerie right now. The word neglige just creeps me out. Chances are pretty good that my pajamas will see child urine or vommit before the night is through. Nothing super low cut so I can avoid the whole 'girls gone wild' thing at 6:30am when the 4 year old wakes me up. But alas, they must be cute. A matching tank top and shorts/pants set is what I want. Think Victoria's Secret or Target.

3. Undies. We call em undies. or underoonies if we're feeling sassy. Now again let's not put the cart in front of the horse here. Nothing that laces up the butt or is any material besides cotton.... and dear sweet baby Jesus, no thongs. This isn't spring break in Cabo. I am a mother of two small children. I do a lot of bending over and picking things up all day. (I love a boyshort cut.) But I do get a kick out of seeing the pairs you pick out. And when I wear them I think of you. See how cute I am? I think the Target Gillian O'Malley brand is great and my other favorites are the 7 for 26.50 deal at Aerie.

(pic from Mommy's Time Out)
  (pic from
                                                                                         (pic from

4. Wine. I love you, my dear, sweet husband. Wine helps me remember that at the end of a long day. Pick out something fun we can share together. Does this come in a larger size?

5. A good water bottle. I hoard these little mofos and still manage to lose them all. Make sure it won't leak. It should be semi cute as well. I like the Nalgene ones. This will be a good excuse for you to go to the sporting goods store.

6. Anthropologie. Anything from this store. I am not kidding. It's my happy place. Their home items are really great. Like all of their wall hooks. Is it weird how much I love funky wall hooks? Don't answer that.

        (photo from
(photo from shop Gertie Baxter)
(photo from

7. Hunter wellies. Any color. Any shape. Anytime. Anywhere. They make my heart happy. And make me feel cool like Adele when I saw "wellies." Find them at

8. Anything handmade. I'm talking here. A nice cozy hand knit infinity scarf would be awesome. The love is in the details. 

9. Gift card to my hair salon/nail salon/spa. Then maybe I won't feel as guilty dropping that insane amount of money next time I get my hurr and brows managed. This is a great one too because it shows that you care enough to know where I go and who does my hair. And bonus points if my stylist catches you buying the gift card. Now I'm that client with the adorable husband. Awww.

10. A homemade book of coupons from you. Such a classic. It never goes out of style. I would take "one free back rub" or "one night out to a movie of your choice" with you over any of these other great things. Make them funny and creative and maybe a little, dare I say, sexy? And don't put an expiration date on them. 

newest creations

Hi there old friends and new! I recently dropped off some bows and business cards to Sips Coffee Shop in Rochester, NY so I may have a little more traffic on the old blog. 

I hope you are all doing well. I hope you have more Christmas shopping done than I do. I am such a procrastinator, it's not even funny. I also happen to have a husband who is impossible to shop for. ugg. i digress. 

So here are the pretties I have been working on recently. One of my dear friends asked me to make something froggy....
cutie pies, right? 

And then I had these fun flower buttons I was dying to use so I made these clippies that are so bright, fun and happy and they remind me of my sassy little niece...

the darcy clippies. they make me happy :) 

As always, email me or comment below for any orders or questions.
Happy holiday preparedness time!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

*holiday hair clips*

Some fabulous friends have asked if I was making any hair bows or clippies to sell at this time of year. And my favorite local coffee shop, Sips, needs another order as well. So today, after my lovely mother-in-law picked up daughter #1 and daughter #2 was down for a nap, I busted out my trusty glue gun and got down to business. I thought I'd post some pics!

pink & purple set 5-

stripey numbers set 5-

pink ladies 3-

little birds 3-

pair of daisies 3- each

christmas tree 3-

snowy white clips 3-

holiday set 5-

Whattya think? Cutie pies, right? I need to make a quick trip to the craft store and get some more ribbon so this is just the stash I had on hand. 

If you'd like to scoop up some of these clippies or have some custom ones made, comment below or email me at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

couch to 5k progress

helloooooo in my seinfeld voice... it's been a hot minute since my last post.  Since having my second little tater tot, i have been on a weight loss  slim down get healthy mission.  look, it's almost summer and there is nothing fun about feeling all sweaty and overweight on a hot hot day.  ya know.

i've been working out and eating a little better for a little over a month and making some good progress.  i'm the kinda lady that needs a goal in order to stick with something so i signed up for some 5k runs this summer and a 5k obstacle course (the dirty girl mud run) in september.  that'll keep me on track hopefully.  so here are some of my latest tips, ideas, motivational thoughts etc. 

p.s. i am not going to be admiting my post baby weight or showing before pics until i'm further along. hahaha so instead i will post this inspiring pic i found on pintrest.  she looks amazing!! and she has a seriously sweet page on her journey, recipes, tunes etc.  check it out...

so i followed this couch to 5k program that i found on pintrest...
it is basically:

Week 1: Run one minute. Walk 90 seconds. Repeat eight times. Do three times a week.
Week 2: Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat seven times. Do three times a week.
Week 3: Run three minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat six times. Do three times a week.
Week 4: Run five minutes. Walk two minutes. Repeat four times. Do three times a week.
Week 5: Run eight minutes. Walk two minutes. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.
Week 6: Run twelve minutes. Walk one minute. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.
Week 7: Run fifteen minutes. Walk one minute. Run fifteen minutes. Do three times a week.
Week 8: Run thirty

Boom.  i am currently on week 6.  and yowza i am feeling pretty good.  pretty sore but pretty good.   i skipped forward a bit  (i think i started at the 2 minute intervals and when i wasn't sweating hard enough and feeling appropriately challenged i jumped ahead.) and when i hit the 8 minute intervals and had to move on to the 12 minute ones, dayummmmmm that was a tough step.  but i'm doing it. 
so i have been running on a treadmill at the gym b/c i belong to the Y and the lovely ladies there watch my sweet girls while i work out.  but my dad (5k runner, extraordinaire) keeps kindly reminding me that i need to run outside to really prepare for a 5k b/c it's much harder than running on a treadmill.  yay.
so here's a little tidbit about workout clothes. props to you ladies that wear fancy things to the gym...
but this gal will stick with t-shirts and nike running shorts these days.  i luuuurve these shorts (i love when shorts have a little pick up on the side, looks kinda fun and sexy to me) and they come in like every color.  i have to be comfortable.  i dream to look good in those tight spandex workout tanks.  but i am so not there yet.  yet another goal :)
(, found on pintrest)
i will take one in each color please and thank you.  and put it on the underhill tab. ;)
i would argue that the most imortant thing in my workout is the music.  i have got to have some decent motivational tunes in order to make it.  right now the song that most pumps me up and makes me smile is "sexy and i know it" by LMFAO.  love it! (also digging "country girl shake it for me" by Luke Bryan.) i have also discovered that if i use my iphone for music i can use pandora! this was a frickin revelation to me b/c i adore pandora.  i like the pop fitness and country fitness channels.  they have the appropriate BPMs to keep ya pumped.  and sometimes just downloading a new song to add to the paylist can make me want to go runnning. sounds silly but true. 

visualization is key.  when i'm running and i'm starting to get grumpy and my knees start to ache a bit, i start to picture myself walking down the beach on a beautiful day looking a little like this...
and i imagine feeling super milfy and fabulous.  and then i push harder and get it done.  but i do think that having a mental picture of your goal is super important in the process.  not to make you feel bad about where you are but to keep you focused on where you' like to be.

"do these jeans look super baggy to you?"
i think i drive my hubs crazy when i ask him if my jeans are looking looser.  i think i whine about my "baggy feeling" jeans like everyday. 
reason #1: i am proud of myself for working out/feeling skinnier
#2: i am prepping him for my "i don't fit into anything right now and i need to go shopping for smaller clothes" moment. 
and #3: i am every so subtley fishing for a compliment.... who me?  ;)

but for real, what is better than loose fitting jeans when they used to be tight fitting jeans.  nothing i tell you. (except ice cream? or a huge tax return or.....)  and let me tell you, these darn jeans are just sliding off my bum, i tell ya.  i'm just going to have to go shopping soon.  darn it.

and most most most importantly, i try to remember to be so grateful and kind to my body. i am so thankful for this body that carried my sweet girls for nine months.  so be patient with yourself b/c it took almost a year to put on weight and it's not going to vanish overnight.  i am strong and healthy and thankful!!!

stay tuned for more progress.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY booster seat

After seeing this DIY booster seat on Pintrest made out of a vinyl table cloth (genius!), i was determined to make one for my little 2 and half year old monster.  I'm so sick of the clunky old booster with attached tray, i mean, it was great for her when she was younger, but now it's just annoying to hook and unhook it from the chair all the time. 

So this was super easy to make!  I am, by no means, a fancy pants sew-er.... seamstress... whatever you call it.  It may not be perfect, but the little one loves it and it boosts her up to the perfect height for meals at the table.  Yay.

here's the cupcakey vinyl table cloth i found at kohl's for around 3 bucks:

and here's the finished product:

it looks super poofy but when little one sits on it, it's the perfect amount of.... poof. haha.  this will be so great in the summer, to toss outside and use on the patio chairs.